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*NEW* RAID HALO 2 wheel covers for Super 73

Our first full-wheel cover was fabricated in November 2022 as a customer requested Special Project that depicted a sun symbol from the national flag of the Philippines.

New for 2024, the introduction of our HALO 2 line furthering the full-wheel blueprint by offering five new designs, and updating to aerospace-grade all-metal hardware sets.

RAID HALO 1 wheel Covers for Super73

Light-weight monolithic single piece construction with thru-bolt installation. Made from the same type of time-tested durable material we use to craft our MOLLE panels and are easily installed/dismantled without any modifications or wheel removal from the frame. Designed to allow airflow and prevent hub motor heat stress. Integrated access ports for angled air valves makes it simple to monitor and maintain tire pressure. A no-nonsense approach to adding flair and attitude to your vehicle.


Expanding our HALO range to the coveted ONYX Motorbike, our newest wheel covers cater to the revved-up characteristics of the RCR and CTY2. As always, precision, performance, and durability is situated at the forefront of our design motto with zero compromise on materials and craftsmanship, The ONYX HALO's single-piece monolithic covers feature venting and air valve access ports. Held together by custom ultralight all-metal hardware engineered to withstand and adapt to both urban and track settings. Handmade in Brooklyn, NY.


Our full center frame load bearing MOLLE platform with universal Mil-Spec standard opening dimensions provides custom tailored load-out configurations of essential items that can be redesigned according to the ride. Consistent position of critical gear within arms reach enables quick access and decreases reaction time. Hand crafted from marine grade HDPE with properties that resists fading and corrosion.


For the organized long haulers who go the extra distance. A series of profiles designed to co-exist with downtube mounted batteries by popular and reliable brands such as Super 73 OEM, Chi Battery Systems, and other third party offerings. Enable the advantage of organized vertical storage without compromising runtime.

Compatible profiles available for the Super73 R Adventure series.


Developed as an auxiliary MOLLE platform but more than capable as a stand-alone system. This pannier mounted load-out stacks additional tactical ability to organize your gear, and fills an area that is typically unused. The RCP3 will be issued in two variants: Bolt-on mounting and (pictured) MB3 Delta Quick-Release.

RAID MB1 Legacy Mounting Hardware

Custom designed and hand finished mounting bracket with binding bolts sits centered and flush to the bike accessory plate, maintaining a clean aesthetic. An integrated one inch slot facilitates additional strapping options for load-out expansion or optionally secure the bracket to frame in an emergency situation where the mounting screws are lost.

RAID MB2 Delta Mounting Hardware

Whether you want to take your precious cargo with you or hot-swap load-outs. Our latest design introduces a new way to remove and install your kit. Each bracket consists of ten robust N52 magnets held in place by a custom designed housing utilizing a locking channel to resist lateral forces. The Single Action quick-release hardware is the first of its kind and compatible with all our in-frame MOLLE panel profiles.

Special Projects RCP Duplex System

The uniquely developed dual stacked Delta quick-release hardware secures twin panels, creating increased mounting area and enables a truly symmetrical load-out. When utilizing the single panel configuration, the slight offset allows for deeper pouches to be mounted on one side. Industry standard spaced mounting holes can be used to attached a wide range of existing available accesories.

Special Projects is our series of products designed and developed to transform forward thinking concepts into practical capabilities. To inquire about this system, email us at

The RCP is the missing link for adding storage options for the Super73 RX.

Rad City Berlin - Germany RCP1 R/RX kit + MB2 Delta

There are others making MOLLE panels, but Raid Dynamics makes the best.

Steve V. - California, USA RCP1 R/RX kit

Thank you for a beautiful product.

Seung K. - South Korea RCP1 S2 kit

I am pushing this to the limit. Excellent build quality. I can't wait to show it off.

Kui L. - Hawaii RCP1 R/RX kit

Thanks man. The MOLLE panel is a game changer. It fits everything I need.

Chihan T. NJ, USA. RCP2 R/RX

I love the panel. Great quality and I'm very pleased.

Justin L. Oklahoma USA RCP1 R/RX kit.

The panel is amazing. Top work. It fits like a glove.

Salmaan T. London, UK RCP1 R/RX kit.